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Get upto 4%* on our Savings Account Balances with Finbank.

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Dear Customer, We have launched a Video KYC facility for New customers to open savings AC

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  • You want to grow your money but do not have a goal in mind, like reaching a certain amount by a specific date.
  • You have not paid into a Stocks and Shares ISA with another provider this tax year (since 6 April).
  • You do not need complex financial planning or investment advice (like advice about inheritance tax).
  • You do not want to open a Junior ISA or General Account.
  • You do not want to manage your own investments in your ISA.
  • You’re comfortable with investing for the long term as you know your investment may go up and down in the short term.

Tax Savings a/c

Tax Training
& Money Management Consulence

We have a range of specialist digital courses, tailored to the needs of the professional services ...

  • FRS 102 - A Comprehensive Refresher
  • IFRS - A Comprehensive Refresher
  • Corporation Tax Refresher & Update
  • VAT Refresher & Update
  • International VAT & Customs Duties after Brexit
  • CFO of the Future - Finance Leadership
  • Accounting & Financial Analysis - Introduction

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  • What is the minimum balance of deposit or investment?

    Start with as low as 300.00 EUR, and become one of the first third-party investors ...

  • What is the rate of interest?

    Start with as low as 0.00% interest rate, and scale up the more your investment ...

  • When will I receive my account statement?

    Every request that you make through our official contact channels, will be processed within 24 ...

  • Can I use any branch worldwide?

    We are one of the few banks in the world that operate mostly online, therefore ...

  • How safe/secure is your net banking a/c?

    We are backed up and protected with the latest version of Cloudflare and all of ...

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